When someone dies it is a difficult time for everybody involved. Anyone who is appointed as an Executor under a Will can be daunted by the prospect of the paperwork and procedures involved. Far too often they just turn to the first person they find to help, without looking at the potential costs to the Estate.

At Anglian Will Writing we work differently. We have established relationships with solicitors and Trust Corporations - experts in contentious probate, as well as straight forward affairs. After a preliminary meeting we will be able to recommend the best expert to deal with your case, and in most circumstances we will be able to offer a fixed fee solution, so that costs do not pile up.

Our first meeting is free of charge and, if it’s more convenient for you, can be at your home. We’re also happy to arrange evening and weekend meetings too.

We can still help if the Will was not written by us or even if there is no Will at all.

If you’d like to find out more please call us on 0845 618 7258 or email